LANÇAMENTO DE LIVRO: Emil Bered Arquiteto


Durante as comemorações de setenta anos da Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul – FA/UFRGS.

Quarta Feira, 23 de Novembro de 2022, às 19:00h no auditório e saguão da FA/UFRGS.
R. Sarmento Leite, 320 – Centro Histórico, Porto Alegre – RS, 90050-170. (51) 3308-3116


Emil Bered nasceu em 1926 na cidade de Santa Maria/RS. Diplomou-se arquiteto em 1949, na primeira turma do Curso de Arquitetura do Instituto de Belas Artes, logo depois transformado em Faculdade de Arquitetura da URGS (depois UFRGS) em Porto Alegre. Atuando como professor durante 34 anos, Bered contribuiu para a formação de várias gerações de arquitetos no Rio Grande do Sul. Como arquiteto, tem um portfólio de mais de 300 projetos, vários deles considerados referência na produção arquitetônica brasileira recente. E aos 96 anos, tem este livro publicado, que mostra aspectos de sua profícua e longeva capacidade criativa.


NOTA DE PESAR: Ivan da Silva Britto


É com imenso pesar que o Núcleo DOCOMOMO Ceará anuncia o falecimento do Arquiteto e Ex-Professor da Universidade Federal do Ceará Ivan da Silva Britto em 05 de novembro de 2022.



O evento Arquitetura e Transculturação: conexões transatlânticas | 2022 pretende promover o conhecimento sobre os intercâmbios de ideias e pessoas no campo da Arquitetura e Urbanismo entre Brasil, América do Sul, Europa e África.


PRAZO PRORROGADO: Chamada de artigos para a Revista Docomomo Brasil (ISSN 2594-8601)

Nova data: 13 de novembro de 2022

Para maiores informações, acesse:

Editores responsáveis pelos números 07 e 08 | 2022
Marta Peixoto (@martapeixoto) | Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Helio Herbst (@helioherbst) | Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro
Ricardo Paiva (@paiva_ricardo_) | Universidade Federal do Ceará

Produção gráfica: @ivanilson.sp

NOTA DE PESAR: Luiz Eduardo Fontoura Teixeira

É com grande pesar que registramos o falecimento do arquiteto Luiz Eduardo Fontoura Teixeira, professor doutor em Arquitetura, um mestre dentro e fora das salas de aulas.


CARTA ABERTA: Sobre a possível demolição do CAIC Chapecó/SC

#REPOST @forumpatrimoniosc

O Fórum de Entidades em Defesa do Patrimônio Cultural Brasileiro/Santa Catarina vem se manifestar acerca de informações que recentemente circularam nas redes sociais da Prefeitura Municipal de Chapecó, anunciando a iminente demolição do CAIC Escola Parque Cidadã Leonel de Moura Brizola.




DOCOMOMO DIVULGA: Evento presencial para entrega da Medalha Armando de Holanda Cavalcanti

Instituto Armando de Holanda Cavalcanti

Evento presencial para entrega da Medalha Armando de Holanda Cavalcanti /  Recife – PE




1ª CHAMADA DE TRABALHOS: Submissão de artigos completos até 23 de Junho 2022

Apresentamos à comunidade acadêmica, o 9° DOCOMOMO N/Ne – Seminário de Documentação e Conservação do Movimento Moderno Norte/Nordeste – promovido pelo curso de Arquitetura e Urbanismo do Centro Universitário UNDB e apoiado pelo Docomomo Brasil, na cidade de São Luís, no Maranhão, entre os dias 28 e 30 de setembro de 2022, com o tema ARQUITETURA, PAISAGEM E CULTURA: ECOS DA MODERNIDADE.




Data: 23 a 25 agosto 2022


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All Natural Male Enhancement Supplementdhea Usageeverything You Need To Know – Cialis Dosage And Options

A few sounds male enhancement tea, a dozen pots flew from the sides of the road to the ancestral array of weapons, accompanied by the cracking sound of the smashing, the thick pungent white smoke escaped, the clan suddenly coughed again and again, the nose and tears All of them, throwing the weapon in their hands and holding their heads up. How to make sex better for men The black clothes guards seized the four corners early, and came out one down, one skilled and beautiful, obviously not the first time to do this kind of thing.The remaining 30 of the sects still dared to hesitate, rushed to the table and signed, and stood up honestly, they finally understood that the prince inside, not his own small role can compete.I took the towel handed up by the guards on the side, wiped the sweat from my face, and asked, How are you gathered Hearing what he meant, he did not know anything about what happened outside.Fortunately, Qin Lei did not let him answer, but continued to ask What happened to those children How can they not come back Shi Yong still can t answer this question.
This determination is to leave the Boss cialis time to start working, and he even secretly gathered the power of the 12 year old land, and unfolded a battle against the heroes One side is underestimating the enemy, and one party goes all out, and the balance of victory naturally re tilts Zhu Li looked at those weird paddle boats. U tube penis An equally weird thought rises from the heart Who is the unintentional mind Although he was caught off guard, he experienced too many storms, and soon suppressed the panic in his heart and placed the sharp sight of the eagle on the sandbankside.The second place in the world will be the name of the place, it is not a blow Soon, he was keenly aware of the enemy s weaknesses In fact, that weakness has been there.But when the special mixed chaos appeared, he found himself very wrong We must know that the two countries have not declared war, and they have not reached the point of life and death, but Boss has even sent the last seesaw.Based on this, he concludes Qin Yutian is the most valuable goal Although I don t know the magic power of the young prince, but in the preciousness of all the enemies, we must break the ground principle.
For the cold sound of the celestial snake men sexual, the Skyfire sage is just unheard of, and the space around the body is fluctuating more and more, and under this undulation, the gravel around it is actually trembled fiercely. Do test boosters work I have seen it Everyone in the glaciers listened to the order, and the dragons and mysteries were formed The body quickly took a few steps, and the snake screamed at the glaciers below.drink A burst of low pitched voices, constantly sipping out from the mouth of the glacial disciple, immediately a white chill, sprayed out of their celestial cover, these white chills, and the three glacial elders are the most powerful.Numerous bizarre white chills rose up, and finally gathered in the sky, lingering around the snakes, and at this moment, they were also roaring in their eyes, and the knots in their hands changed rapidly, bringing a dazzling afterimage.Dragon Dragon Xuan Ming, blood sacrifice Zhaolong The snake s nails crossed the fingertips, and the red blood spurted out, immediately into the rich cold, and one of its mouths, an unusually dark blue cold spurt out, and finally with that many cold condenses Together, between the rapid creeps, a huge ice cold dragon with a hundred feet is slowly appearing above the sky.
After the two got on the bus erectile dysfunction prescription drugs, the Prince s girl threw out a message that was not very flattering the last meeting of the book in the year of the year, the finalization of the future intelligence department is the temple, under the jurisdiction of the Northern Army, the South Army, the people, the official Love, four divisions. Which of the following is an opiate that elevates mood and eases pain? Let s not fight back next time The prince was silent for a while and threw a message The prime minister insisted that you should go to the Ministry of Housing to study, and said that you should let Tian Yinong personally teach you.I was amazed, but still smiled and said I am Qin Qin, the emperor of the Qin Dynasty, dare to ask the adults to be famous A few people are a little scared, and one of the highest grades is the tremor When you go back to the temple, the name of the minister is Zhu Gui, and the priest is the priest of the ritual patrol.Nine people flatter him together, can you not be hot Although because of that violent incident, Qin Lei has been regarded as a beast by the adults in the hall.
The fire is crazy otc erection pills that work, Xiao Yan is getting deeper and deeper into the nine secluded Huangquan, but with his deeper and deeper, the kind of chilling power is also a geometric surge, and later, even Xiao Yan, They have to go all out to run their vindictiveness and shake off the chilly gas that invades the body. Vigor x plus Just when Xiao Yan was troubled by the difficulty of the nine secluded Huangquan, a subtle abnormal noise suddenly spread into his ear, and now it was suddenly noticed that the water flow behind him suddenly increased rapidly.A punch hit the black shadow, Xiao Yan came and dive, it was suddenly felt that this stream of water became agitated, and immediately, in the view of its vision, a black and black cloud, suddenly filled quickly Come.These strange snakes, when they are still far away from Xiao Yan, open their mouths, and suddenly, countless deep black water arrows are sprayed from these strange snakes.Quantity Can t get entangled with these strange things, otherwise it s too tempting Xiao Yan s body shape, the speed suddenly soared, turned into a flash of lightning, the tearing of the lake, the rushing to the bottom of the nine secluded yellow springs, but facing his escape, that writes weird The black snake is also rapidly turning and chasing after the overwhelming.
The ancients are indeed the most stable race among the eight ethnic groups pe before and after, but the souls are too mysterious In this world, people who really understand them, I am afraid there are only a handful Xiao Xuan sighed and saw Xiao Yan Wrinkled brows, waved his hand and said Before you have not reached the fight, try to be careful, you have the Tuojia Gudi jade in your hand, the soul family will come to you Xiao Yan nodded, and he knew in his heart that between him and the soul, whether because of the grievances between the two races or other personal reasons, these guys would not let him go easily, but this is not possible. Make your dick bigger pills Becoming the reason for his withdrawal, as long as he has not really reached the final step, then he will never be soft, even if his opponent is the most mysterious soul of the ancient eight You have entered the tomb of the heavens for two years, and for nearly a year, you will be sent out.The first thousand three hundred and forty two chapters activate the family pattern Xiao Yan s eyes stunned from the hand of Xiao Xuan s scroll, which was covered with flame lines.
Didn t care about the old drug max stamina go all night reviews, Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders, and the palm of his hand reached into the sleeves and smashed the swallowing of the body. Enhancerxtm pills Maybe it will be the level of fighting kings The old man smiled and said When she enters the peak stage, even if she is a strong fighter, she would not dare to marry her.Grinning and smiling, Xiao Yan carefully put the colorful swallows into the sleeves, looked up at the cliff in front of him, staring at the drifting clouds, lazy Twisted the neck, silenced for a while, whispered Teacher, about three years from the date, how much time is left Two months.Two months Smiled lightly, Xiao Yan s finger flicked in the ring, the huge black ruled again appeared, the palm gripped the shank, slammed down, a huge stone at the foot, immediately Cracked open.Nalan is stunned, in the last two months, you, can you be ready Between the distant forests, a test flight of the eagle, at the tip of the tree Sectional reading 152 On the top of the effort to flap the wings, a sharp eagle screamed and screamed, and immediately struggled with the wings, suddenly skyrocketing Chapter 236, Goodbye Ice King Where the desert meets the land, occasionally a few blue grass leaves are dotted on it.

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Enhance Performancehow To Make Your Dick Longbest Pills For Sex

I am so excited At this time natural testosterone boosters reviews, at the alley, Black Yiwei rushed a carriage, and when the two got on the bus, the Guards surrounded the carriage and headed for the North City. Wife boner Yunshang heard the words of Emei one Isn t the grandfather afraid that he will not be The powder fist is a sigh, looking at Qin Lei seriously The grandfather is also very dissatisfied with Wen Yanbo and some shyly bowed He also said that he wants to meet you Qin Lei screamed and sat up straight You said what we said Yunshang heard the words and steamed Xia Wei, and leaned down and said What do you say, how dare I say I am afraid that I will be killed by my grandfather.The two men hugged for a moment, Qin Lei asked softly How can your grandfather talk about me Yunshang whispered The grandfather knows that when he goes to the princess to see the disease in the winter, he asks people He said that he was learning the old man s head Did you see the royal king of Longwei County Qin Lei smiled and asked How do you say it Yunshang giggled and said I have only seen one side, but I have no impression.
I am afraid it is wrong In the same year what does dick, a three year agreement, Xiao Yan is still able to bear the burden of heavy burdens for three years, this kind of toughness, so that Xiao Yan is like a lone wolf on the grassland, was injured, temporarily retired, and then, tightly Like the ghosts and the bones of the skeleton, waiting for the revenge of the deadly blow It contained the cold voice of Sen Ran slowly falling down. Primal male enhancement About ten minutes later, nearly ten shadows, violently shot out from the jungle, holding a long sword, glanced at the surrounding face and saw it all around.After finishing this, he turned his head and whispered This place Already searched, if you go down, you will enter the northwest of the Warcraft Mountains.It seems that you have to inform the elders to use the flying troops He said, he quickly took a bamboo flute out of his arms, and then put it in his mouth, gently blowing it, suddenly, a subtle and sharp sound wave, slowly coming out of the flute, and finally into a shape, quickly spread in Among the huge forests The 338th chapter Among the tall trees, the dense foliage covers the hot sun.
A fist fell big hard erections, the ground enchanted the incomparably hard chest, actually directly into the depression of the living nearly half an inch, the skin shattered, revealing the inside of the body inside the silver body The horrible power, when the voluptuous demon smashed the chest, also directly shocked it out, and Xiao Yan was also affected, and part of the remaining force was transmitted from his body, so that his face was pale on the spot. How to make your penis look good Other people are also not slow, just when he turned and fled, Song Qing and others also instantly separated from the battle circle, and then rushed to the forest within the storm The escaping people, Cao Ying is the most advanced, and when the soul barrier is broken, she is the first to break out, but just after her drink falls, a figure is behind her.Hearing the command of the man in black, the dozens of black men were also busy and screaming, and then dispersed in an orderly manner, facing away from the scattered escapes of the crowd.I have to see, when can you struggle The black man s cold eyes, direct Xiao Yan and Cao Ying s figure disappeared, and immediately sneered, his body trembled, the space around him was slowly creeping, and his body shape was also strangely dissipated.
Grabbing the clothes pene size, Xiao Yan tired and leaning against a piece of bluestone under his feet, and smiled at the child with a smile Hey, two months, still staying in the eighth stage of fighting Looking at some helpless Xiao Yan, Kaoru smirked with a small mouth, and the lotus step moved slightly. Viagra how much The sweat on his body went away, and the soft voice comforted The eighth to the ninth paragraph is the bottleneck stage of the initial stage of fighting.When the time is up, it is natural to be a water Speaking here, Kaoru Suddenly I noticed that the other party s eyes were a little hot, and I raised my eyes, but I saw Xiao Yan s eyes looking at myself.The little face was red and Jiao Dao said Xiao Yan brother The soft voice of the girl s delicate voice suddenly made the hot air in the small jungle cool a bit.Due to the hot weather, Kaoru wears a short cyan thin coat today, under the slender neck, revealing a large piece of seductive snow white, the little breasts of the girl s slightly developed, is also tempting to release, release the youthful temptation, so beautiful Scenery, it is no wonder that Xiao Yan will be somewhat lost.
In the future how to make a mans penis bigger, no matter what level the spring reaches, he only needs Standing in front of Xiao Yan, the shadow of failure will spread from the depths of the soul, making him difficult to maintain the most peak state in front of Xiao Yan The palm of the hand clasped the neck of Yanquan. Harder penis Reassured, still can t die Xiao Yan s palm was casually smashed on the robes, and the faint road, although he was quite disgusted with this spring, and the former Kaoru also said that she was responsible for something, but he is not a reckless person, knowing clearly.The four winged unicorns in the sky, as for the so called elders, they have never received them, and even if they receive it, there is a lottery here, they are not afraid to directly shoot, after all, they are not behind The backstage of the spring.The injury even if the spring can be healed, I am afraid it will take two or three months, and even if it is healed, there will be some aftereffects If the old man in black has a deep look at Xiao Yan A glance, the road.
However do penis pump work, although the battle in the field is quite exciting for the students in the stands, for Xiao Yan and others, they can only make them slightly nod. Gnc male libido His opponent s combat experience is obviously more abundant than he hyun book net question for below loaded rich, know how to avoid and delay Although the attacking power is weaker than the fire attribute, it is more durable, and it can still heal the injury autonomously.Xiao Yan squinted at the cheeks smiling at the side of his cheek, this little Nizi, seeing him more than he is, at least, he can not tell the two guys can be won in ten minutes.Practiced like a violent shot, and finally lightning fast shuttle through the opponent s defense, heavy squatting on his chest, suddenly, the fire attribute temperament of the students, is pale, a stream of blood overflowing from the corner of the mouth, The body fell off the ground, and when he got up, he heard the thunderous applause of the thunderous face, a face filled with sorrow and unwillingness.
Still not waiting for what Xiao Yan said male enhancement before and after pictures, the little medical fairy is quickly withdrawing the jade hand, turned around, and Xiao Yan can see the blushing crystal earlobe, and now I can t help but smile. Herbal supplements for sex Xiao Yan sat down on the chair and said, Yes, what about the bear fight Not with you He was ordered to be outside of Danta, where he couldn t enter Ziyan licked the ponytail of the lavender, and the small hand held it in front of Xiao Yan, grabbing the teacup in his hand, I took a sip of it, and I was so old fashioned I am here to help you.Do you still want to force the service Ziyan said, I know Danta wants you to try your luck, but unfortunately, the current three thousand smoldering fires already have their own ingenuity, but they are not as good as the inner hospital s fallen heart.He naturally knows that the three thousand smoldering fires are far from comparable in the fall of heart disease, but think about it, it can make the three people like Xuankongzi What can you do with the things that are seriously treated Seeing Xiao Yan finally pulled the following to ask, Ziyan s face suddenly filled with a smug color, patted a small chest, said I want you to tell you, but you have to promise me to refine me every day.

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Ed Productshow Big Is Too Big Penisthat Work For 91% Of Men

Before the door cialis samples for healthcare professionals, tonight s things, I am afraid that they can be regarded as the most thrilling thing in their life the wonderful full novel Baidu search Hyun Book calendar Inside the room, Xiao Yan took a sheet of quilt wrapped in Kaoru for a while, and then he smiled and put it down. Www you sex com If the two old folks had not spoken before, I am afraid that it will be a big mistake tonight With a sigh, Xiao Yan took a few deep breaths and gradually calmed down his mind.According to the above, if the five seals are completed, it is enough to compete with the heavenly fighting skills As for the power of the heavenly fighting skills, Xiao Yan is not clear, but from the five rounds of fire, it is able to look at the clues, with the help of this fighting skill.Holding the golden scroll, Xiao Yan played a little, after some indulging, but did not immediately cultivate, but to earn it into the ring, after the night talk with Kaoru, the importance of strength, Xiao Yan It was completely clear and a bit clear.
father Xiao Yan gripped his palms viagra substitute over the counter, his nails broke into the palm of his hand, his body shivered slightly, and the figure was so familiar, because it was his father, Xiao Zhan Even if he hasn t met for many years, Xiao Yan is still in the first place. Improving your sexlife Give the Tuo s ancient emperor jade to the temple, otherwise, as long as I send a message back, today s today is your father s jealous day The black fog figure is not indifferent to Xiao Yan s savage, cold and cold.The man is broken Xiao Yan, calm When Xiao Yan s mind was surging, a slightly cold and slippery jade hand gently held his palm, slightly with a trace of anxiety and low drink, passed into his ear.Hearing this low drink, Xiao Yan s heart is also a slight shock, which restores some rationality, and immediately takes a few deep breaths, suppresses the killing of the heart, and the face is slowly returning to normal.Hand over the Tuo s ancient emperor jade Seeing that Xiao Yan gradually calmed down, the fog around the black fog figure was also micro microwave, cold and shouted.
Yan Yanwu s breathing suddenly rushed best premature ejaculation, and he asked nervously Wang Ye said that his subordinates will enter the book Qin Lei shook his head and smiled That is Wen Yanbo s bandit, go to that Yan Yan Wuzhang s second monk couldn t figure out the head Don t go to the book, what is the prime minister Qin Leiqi smiled and said Not only do we not go to the Chinese book, but also let Wen Yanbo take the initiative. Natural penis pills Yan Yanwu curiously said What is the power and responsibility of this cabinet minister Now is not the time to elaborate, Qin Lei just said to him first, let him have a number in his heart, he smiled lightly Da Qin did not have a prime minister, only the cabinet minister.In accordance with established practice, as long as the Minister of Shangshu, who is not removed from office, can recommend his successor to the emperor when he leaves office.Sure enough, Qin Lei said with a smile Yes, he is the official of the three products, the official voice, just in time to invigorate this spring, I see.
It is also from the beginning of the tired little guy who gradually became a bit of a young man how to increase your stamina in bed, a small age, but inherited the charm of her mother, the whole is a perfect beauty embryo, in the future Growing up, presumably also the kind of girl with the same level of disaster. How to make your peins grow bigger It is impossible to measure by ordinary speed, and let Xiao Yan s surprise is that Xiao Chen s ancestors, who are not ridiculous and seemingly old and lonely, are extremely kind to Xiao Ni s Nizi.But the achievements of these wives powers are Xiaoyu s reach, and these treatments are different In the role of the father who guarded Xiao Xiao s self discipline for a few days, Xiao Yan also saw the blue scales and the Tianhuo Supreme again.The peak, even with the help of the old medicine of the old refining, reached the peak of Dou Zun, although it was only a step away from the half san, but that step, but did not know whether it could enter in the lifetime.It is far beyond the peak level of life, it is quite contentment, but there is not much ambition to go with the young scales, Xiaoyingxian, what these younger generations compare.
Quickly go to the amethyst stone platform how to get bigger erections, Xiao Yan greedily looked at the purple ball, which is full of heroic energy that allows the small amethyst wing lion to upgrade a level, even if it is impossible for him to Completely absorbed, can it at least improve several stars in succession At the thought of the super effect brought about by this thing, Xiao Yan s body was a little excited and trembling, and the palm of his hand turned over. Generic ed drugs fda approved If something goes wrong, I am looking for you The old and uncertain voice of the drug suddenly made Xiao Yan somewhat embarrassed, but at this time, he could not allow him to think more, hold the purple Lingshi tightly at the moment, and then squat He slammed against the purple ball.The old voice of the medicine just fell, Xiao Yan, who had already been distressed, was quickly taking out the jade bottle from the Nayong, and then desperately poured the purple liquid.Putting the last drop of amethyst in the bottom of the ball into the bottle, Xiao Yan looked at the liquid spilled on the stone platform, and his mouth was sore and painful.

já está disponível o número 4 da revista_docomomo_Brasil!

já está disponível o número 4 da revista_docomomo_Brasil!










Docomomo [v.3, n.4, 2019] [ISSN 2447-8679]


Expansão de fronteiras territoriais, temporais e temáticas da arquitetura e do urbanismo modernos no Brasil
Ana Carolina de Souza Bierrenbach, José Carlos Huapaya Espinoza, Marcio Cotrim

A experiência brasileira de Albert Kahn
Manuela Catafesta
Cenário de modernidades: A Feira Internacional de Amostras do Rio de Janeiro
Hugo Segawa
Projeto Morada Nova: Uma experiência de planejamento físico e arquitetura rural nos sertões do Ceará
Clóvis Ramiro Jucá Neto, Margarida Julia Farias de Salles Andrade, Romeu Duarte Junior, Solange Maria de Oliveira Schramm
De Brasília ao Jacuí: Paralelos do urbanismo moderno no sul do Brasil
Sergio Moacir Marques
Radicalmente modernas: Arquitecturas en el laboratório del desarrollo económico y social, Arica 1960-70
Horacio Torrent
Las firmas de arquitectura en Bogotá (1920-1970). Desarrollo de modelos organizativos para la producción edificatoria
Ingrid Quintana Guerrero, Margarita Roa Rojas, Maarten Goossens
Pocitos moderno: Um catálago de edifícios residenciais em altura nos anos 50 e 60 de Pocitos em Montevidéu
Alfredo Nicolas Pelaez Iglesias, Francesco Ranieri Comerci, Santiago Gastambide, Andres Cardoso

Entre o contraste e a analogia, o regional e o internacional: Diálogos entre ossatura independente e muro estrutural em intervenções sobre o construído, do Museu das Missões ao Museu do Pão
Carlos Fernando Silva Bahima, Jordana Cristine Winter
Intervir e preservar: Ampliação de edifícios modernos como experiência no ensino de projeto
Bruno Melo Braga, Emanoel Alves Cavalcanti, Gabriel Guedes Ferreira de Souza, Natalia Dias Praxedes
Paisagem do abandono: grandes edificações modernas inativas
Maria Cristina Nascentes Cabral, Carolina Quintanilha Nevez

Disponibilizados os anais do 1o, 2o e 13o seminários Docomomo Brasil

Dá licença, dá licença, meu Senhô!
Dá licença, dá licença, pra yôyô!

Docomomo Brasil tem a satisfação de comunicar que os anais do primeiro, segundo e décimo-terceiro seminários Docomomo Brasil, todos realizados na Cidade da Bahia, encontram-se na aba SEMINÁRIOS!

Para acessar os anais do 1o Seminário Docomomo Brasil, clique aqui

Para acessar os anais do 2o Seminário Docomomo Brasil, clique aqui

Para acessar os anais do 13o Seminário Docomomo Brasil, clique aqui

Nós, do Docomomo Brasil, ficamos contentes da vida em saber que Bahía é Brasil!

E delicie-se com Bahia com H (Denis Brean)

Núcleo Docomomo Pará

Em 10 de outubro de 2019, durante o 13° Seminário Docomomo Brasil, foi aprovada por unanimidade a candidatura de criação do núcleo Docomomo Pará. Em sessão pública, apresentou-se um dossiê, abaixo reproduzido, que discorre sobre o histórico e as etapas de pesquisa sobre a produção arquitetônica moderna em Belém, objeto de investigacão do Laboratório de Historiografia da Arquitetura e Cultura Arquitetônica (LAHCA), coordenado pela professora Celma Chaves desde 2009.

clique aqui para acessar o dossiê completo Docomomo_PA

8° Docomomo Norte e Nordeste – Palmas ADIADO

Campanha de apoio a vinda de Sérgio Ferro

Caras e caros camaradas,

Não sei se sabem mas nosso professor – digo assim nosso pois ele nos formou mesmo que indiretamente – Sérgio Ferro, nos idos dos anos 70 foi preso pelo regime ditatorial e teve de – naturalmente – se ausentar das aulas. Por isso foi demitido da FAU USP, mas nunca mais foi considerado como parte do corpo docente, e não foi reincorporado ou sequer reconhecido como tal. Professores outros da USP, em mesma situação tiveram resolução diferente e se reincorporaram, foram reconhecidos como violentados por uma época de atrocidades.
De modo a reconhecer seu passado como professor da FAU USP, professores, estudantes – por meio do grêmio de estudantes – e ex-estudantes estão se mobilizando para buscar uma recolocação histórica desse episódio, e estão organizando a vinda do professor Sérgio Ferro à FAU USP para avanço na resolução da questão em novembro deste ano.
Para trazê-lo temos de arcar com os custos do trajeto França – São Paulo, e, para isso, constituiu-se um movimento amplo e solidário para que se cumpra essa tarefa, de reparação, e criamos um fundo coletivo de arrecadação onde cada um contribui – ate o dia 15 de outubro – segundo suas possibilidades.
Você gostaria de se juntar a essa justa homenagem e ato de pedido de reconsideração por parte da universidade de sua condição de ex-professor doando alguma quantia para trazê-lo?
Conta Bancária para depósito:

Marilia Marcondes Tenorio – Tesoureira do GFAU – Banco do Brasil , ag. 4854-2 c/c 39.861-6 CPF 020.597.871-14
enviar comprovante para
o ato está previsto para 13 de novembro, na FAU USP

Patrimônio em risco – Hotel Internacional Reis Magos – Natal RN












fonte das imagens: acervo Waldecy Pinto [disponível em TRIGUEIRO, Edja; DANTAS, George; NASCIMENTO, José Clewton do; LIMA, Luiza; PEREIRA, Marizo Vitor; VELOSO, Maisa; VIEIRA, Natália Miranda. O Hotel Internacional Reis Magos e sua importância histórica, simbólica e arquitetônica. Natal, UFRN, 2014.]

O reconhecimento e a preservação do patrimônio moderno brasileiro ainda se constituem em um grande desafio cujas ações efetivas, infelizmente, ainda são inversamente proporcionais à importância deste valioso acervo para o país. Estas dificuldades parecem ser ainda maiores em algumas regiões do Brasil. O caso do Hotel Internacional Reis Magos, em Natal (RN), é um exemplo dessa problemática, pois, apesar dos esforços empreendidos visando sua preservação, o edifício continua sendo alvo de ameaças de demolição. O compromisso público de requalificar o Hotel mantendo seus valores fundamentais assumido pela Prefeitura de Natal, pactuado com dezenas de entidades e representações da sociedade civil e com o grupo proprietário e divulgado pela imprensa, em 2014, ainda aguarda o seu cumprimento.

O DOCOMOMO Brasil, como entidade seguidora da missão da Associação DOCOMOMO Internacional que luta pela salvaguarda de importantes obras do Movimento Moderno, vem, por meio desta, reiterar a relevância das dimensões histórica, cultural, urbana e arquitetônica do Hotel Internacional Reis Magos (Natal-RN). O projeto arquitetônico, concebido pelos arquitetos Waldecy Pinto, Antônio Didier e Renato Torres, e o projeto de interiores, assinado por Janete Costa, asseguram um papel de destaque no campo da arquitetura, como exemplar singular e relevante da arquitetura moderna produzida no Nordeste brasileiro tal como atestado no parecer do IPHAN nacional. Vale ressaltar que o Hotel Internacional Reis Magos se constitui também em um marco nas sociabilidades e memórias de gerações de natalenses, devendo, portanto, ser reconhecido e preservado como tal.

O DOCOMOMO Brasil destaca ainda que o reconhecimento e preservação do Hotel Internacional Reis Magos deve ser encarado dentro da perspectiva contemporânea de reintegração do mesmo à dinâmica urbana através de proposta de reuso que incorpore atividades que sejam compatíveis com sua estrutura, a exemplo de tantos casos nacionais e internacionais de reuso de estruturas de valor patrimonial moderna. Enfim, que as propostas de preservação sejam pensadas como ações de desenvolvimento urbano e social sustentável.

A coordenação do DOCOMOMO Brasil apoia os movimentos de preservação do Hotel Reis Magos, na certeza de que a gestão estadual e municipal do Rio Grande do Norte e de Natal saberão tratar esta questão com o devido respeito e reconhecimento ao patrimônio moderno brasileiro.

Coordenação Nacional DOCOMOMO Brasil.
Rio de Janeiro, 15 de agosto de 2019.

16a Conferência Internacional Docomomo Tokyo Japão – Herança Resiliente: Compartilhando Valores das Modernidades Globais


Docomomo Japão iniciou a organização da 16ª Conferência Internacional Docomomo em Tóquio. Entre julho e setembro de 2020, a capital japonesa sediará o 32º Jogos Olímpicos e Paralímpicos com o tema “Conectando-se ao Amanhã”. Em 1964, os Jogos Olímpicos, realizados em Tóquio, transformaram os espaços urbanos da cidade, o estilo de vida e a mentalidade dos cidadãos em todo o país. Na atualidade esse legado deve ser nos avaliado, para que se possa conceber uma metodologia para repassar criticamente uma “Sabedoria Resiliente”. Baseado neste espírito e ideias, Docomomo Japão propõe “Herança Resiliente: Compartilhando Valores das Modernidades Globais” como o tema principal da 16ª Conferência Internacional Docomomo.

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