publicações | DOCOMOMO Brasil The Modern City Facing the Future

Anna Beatriz Galvão (Coord.), Alejandra H. Muñoz, Hugo Segawa, Mirthes Baffi, Marina B. Donelli

DOCOMOMO INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, 6, 2000, Brasilia. Proceedings… Salvador: Universidade Federal da Bahia; Brasília: Universidade de Brasília, [2004].356 p. ilus.
The aim of this publication is to publish all the papers and lectures presented during the conference. Strangely enough, one year after the event, long after its executive office was closed, we had received less than 30% of the papers, which prevented us from obtaining the funding required to publish them in good time. […]
The publication's structure follows the order of the conference's program. The complete papers have been revised and/or expanded by their authors, including added illustrations and captions. The solution devised of unsubmitted papers was to publish their abstracts (in italics), which we received prior to the conference.
Anna Beatriz Galvão & Frederico de Holanda
Table of contents
HUBERT-JAN HENKET (The Netherlands), opening of the conference, "The Modern City facing the future"
KISHO KUROKAWA (Japan), opening lecture, "The symbolic city"
Main theme lectures
Hubert-Jan Henket, Chair
Main Theme Report, by the Chair
Jean-Louis Cohen (France), Modern movement and Urban History
FERNANDO PEREZ-OYARZUN (Chile), Le Corbusier and Latin America: urban thinking/urban projects
MILTON SANTOS (Brazil), A Third World modern urbanism
Main theme session
Marco Aurélio Gomes (Brazil), Chair
SILVIA ARANGO (Colombia), Latin American cities
PHILIPPE PANERAI (France), French modern cities
MARIA LETIZIA CONFORTO (Italy), Rome, the city of future in the lessons of History: typological models and strategies of intervention
HANNA LEWI (Australia), Paradoxes in the conservation of newness: the invention of an antipodean "civic domain"
JUERGEN LAFRENZ (Germany), The conception of Abuja – the new capital city of Nigeria – as synthesis of planning principles from Europe, America and Japan
Brasilia Session
MARY MCLEOD (USA), Moderator
Frederico Holanda (Brazil), Sylvia Ficher (Brazil), Debate
MATHEUS GOROVITZ (Brazil), City and citizenship: a contribution to the study of the modern city considered a work of art – Chandigarh and Brasilia
ROSANE BAUER (Brazil), Living with Brasilia. A resident's perspective of the confrontation between heroic vision and social reality
RUTH VERDE ZEIN, ANA GABRIELA GODINHO LIMA (Brazil), What we really know about Brasilia? Misleading and prejudice in canonical books
SARAH FELDMAN (Brazil), A legal system for urbanism: the modern movement's unseen face
MARCIO CAMPOS (Brazil), Architectural and social modernity: the image of Brasilia in the European movies
SUNIL BALD (USA), Brasilia reproduced as backdrop
History & Theory Session
Maristella Casciato (Italy), Chair
CARLOS MARTINS (Brazil), Buildings building the city: São Paulo in the fifties
PANAYOTIS TOURNIKIOTIS (Greece), Ancient and modern cities ion the work of Constantine Doxiadis
NELCI TINEN, LUCIA BORGES (Brazil), Brazil in modern architectural handbooks
HILDE HEYNEN (Belgium), Matrix of man
PASQUALINO ROMANO MAGNAVITA (Brazil), About the teaching of theory and history of modern architecture: for the dissemination of new notions and conceptions
Housing Session
Miles Glendinning (Scotland), Chair
Housing Session Report, by the Chair
Paolo Di Biagi (Italy), Fifty years after the INA-Casa Plan
MART KALM (Estonia), Modern city as a tool of russification: Estonian experience
PHILIPPE PANERAI (France), The heritage of the grand ensembles
SONIA MARQUES, EDJA TRIGUEIR0 (Brazil), A la recherché de la maison moderniste perdue
PAUL MEURS (The Netherlands), Creating historic modern cities by learning from modern historic cities
Public Space Session
Rob Docter (The Netherlands), Chair
MARIA DE BETANIA CAVALCANTI-BRENDLE (Germany), SOS Berlin Alexander Platz: the razing of DDR modernism
BERNARD FLAMAN (Canada), "Airports as city square": Toronto, Edmonton and Winnipeg Airports, 1964
SILVIA HERNÁNDEZ DE LASALA (Venezuela), In search of the sublime: Villanueva and the Central University Campus in Caracas
MILES GLENDINNING (Scotland), Clone city: modernism, landscape and the crisis of the European conurbation
KENJI WATANABE, YOSHIYUKI YAMANA (Japan), Rethinking the core of the city: Beyond the functionalism in the Hiroshima Place Centre by Kenzo Tange
GUILHERME MAZZA DOURADO (Brazil), Public spaces by Burle Marx
FRANCO PANZINI (Italy), The "Ville Verte": rethinking city landscape
Urban Conservation Session
Paul Meurs (The Netherlands), Chair
Urban Conservation Session Report, by the Chair
JAN MOLENA (The Netherlands), IVAN V. NEVZGODINE (Siberia), The modern movement city planning in the Russian provinces
KLAUS BRENDLE (Germany), Contextualism & Rupture. Modernism in the post-war reconstruction of Lübeck
DAVID FIXLER, HÉLÈNE LIPSTADT (USA), Large scale interventions in Boston's Back Bay (1950-present). A self-correction modernist urbanism
SARAH MOUTURY (Belgium), Brussels skyscrapers: problems of identity. Destroying in the name of protection.
Register Session 
David Fixler (USA), Chair
DAVID WITHAM (Scotland), Coming of age: Scottish new towns in the 21st century
JEAN-MARC BASYN, LUC VERPOEST (Belgium), The social housing in the 1920'ies: the garden city concept
CATHERINE TOWNSEND (Australia), X-ray the city! Ernest Fooks, modern planner in the new world
MARIEKE KUIPERS (The Netherlands), Modern shops and modern shapes – registration vs. regeneration
Technology Session
Ola Wedebrunn (Denmark), Chair
ANDREW STUART LEACH (New Zealand), Power architecture in modern New Zealand
PHILIP GOAD, JULIE WILLIS (Australia), Essential war material, modernist harbinger: unseasoned hardwood and its implications for the Post-war Australian city
GRISELDA PINHEIRO KLÜPPEL (Brazil), Brazilian modern architecture: climatic adaptation principles
PHILIP GUNN (Brazil), Transitions in modernist factory planning in São Paulo 1945-1955: the influence of British and North-American design ideas
Main theme
JAGDISH SAGAR (India), Revisiting Chandigarh: the question of preservation and intervention in the Sector 17 Central Chouk
PAULO ZIMBRES (Brazil), Brasilia facing the future
ALLEN CUNNINGHAM (UK), The modern city facing the future
Seventh International Docomomo Conference
FABIENNE CHEVALIER (France), The reception of Modern Architecture
Sixth DOCOMOMO International Council Meeting