Anat Falbel, Guest Editor

FRANCE-BRAZIL round trip. Docomomo Journal, Paris, n. 34, Mar. 2006, p. 49-87

After the special issue on Caribbean modernisms, the new issue of Docomomo Journal, which includes an excellent section dedicated to Brazil's modern architecture investigated under the light of international exchanges, shows that the spread of
the modernist idioms in Central and Latin America is the true mark of an innovative new world. [.]

In this context Brazil is the case study par excellence because the attempt to redefine
national identity under the perspective of progressive politics goes far beyond the limits of architecture as discipline.

Maristella Casciato, editorial

Table of contents

ANAT FALBEL, HUGO SEGAWA, Transatlantic impressions: revealing Brazilian modernity

MARIA STELLA MARTINS BRESCIANI, France-Brazil between 1920 and 1950

ANAT FALBEL, Immigrant architects in Brazil: a historiographical issue

MÔNICA JUNQUEIRA DE CAMARGO, Brazilian presence in the historiography of twentieth century architecture

YANNIS TSIOMIS, Paris-Rio round-trip: Le Corbusier's landscape architecture project

ROBERTO SEGRE, Le Corbusier's contradictory projects for the MES in Rio de Janeiro (1936)

GÉRARD MONNIER, About the pinnacle of Brazilian architecture